🖥️Stake PARA

How to stake PARA and earn reward prPARA

Once you own PARA tokens, you now have the ability to stake those tokens to earn prPARA rewards. Staking rewards are paid out in prPARA (pre-PARA).

To stake PARA tokens, complete the following steps:

Go to the “Stake” section, and then hit the “Stake PARA” button.

Enter the amount of PARA tokens you would like to stake. Then hit the “Stake PARA” button to complete the transaction.

You can unstake your PARA tokens at any time. To unstake tokens, hit the “Unstake” button and your PARA tokens will return to your PARA balance.

Once the transaction has completed, the changes to both your unstaked and staked PARA token balance will be reflected in the “My Portfolio” section.

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