The native store of wealth generated by Paradise is the PARA token. It is a volatile token with a floor price. PARA's price is limited by the rising floor and is backed by a diversified basket of stablecoins. The effect is that PARA has limited price declines but unlimited upside.

PARA generates revenue by staking rewards. holders of PARA have the option to stake via protocol and receive regular prPARA reward tokens. These prPARA tokens are options to purchase additional PARA at the current reserve price. Realising prPARA tokens to purchase more staked PARA creates a composite APY where the rewards are reinvested in the user's principal.

Paradise has decided to adopt a fair launch model for token distribution. This goes along with our mission of true decentralization and unequivocal fairness.

There is 0 PARA tokens share for team, and there are no investors.

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