DISE is an overcollateralised algorithmic stablecoin pegged to $1. Its generation relies on the overcollateralization of PARA tokens, and each PARA is backed by a basket of stablecoin reserves, so DISE will always be anchored to $1 because DISE is backed by sufficient collateral.

Because of the floor price, PARA can be used as collateral for zero-risk loans. PARA holders can lock their PARA in the Paradise Vault and then mint DISE equal to the floor value of the PARA they have locked.Users can mint additional DISE as the floor value of the PARA rises.The maximum amount of DISE they can borrow is simply their PARA's current floor price.

When a user borrows DISE, their PARA is locked as collateral. Users can unlock their PARA by repaying the agreed loan, which in turn burns the DISE and unlocks the PARA. they are then free to use their PARA as before.

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